Pack of Fractured Gems


"So... curious as to our breeding procedures. It is somewhat complicated... and if any questions should arise you may contact me for more information." Kilian stops and turns towards you. "You should have noticed on the listing of members the term 'In Agreement' for each melcey. If not, I suggest you go back there later since it is important in regards to breeding." He looks at you sternly.

"Now since each member... is unique... different circumstances must be allowed for. After all... some may not want to become parents at all. While others may have specific requirements, such as willing to mate with a select few. Thus, 'In Agreement' came into being. When a member becomes interested in a melcey for breeding, they must both agree to it. Hence the term." Kilian quirks an eye ridge at you. "Once those involved have come to an arrangement through whatever means, I shall be contacted and told the details... then the members listing will be updated with it."

He flicks his tail and smiles slightly. "Of course... the end product of all that work are litters. And those born to the pack will be listed here."

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