::an odd looking animal greets you on arrival:: Warm greeting traveler. ::and he gives you an ironic grin at the pun:: I am the fliot known as Cadell. I can not tell you who my parents are for I do not know, but they must have been unusal to have bequeathed such features to me. ::he grins again and cocks his head:: If you will excuse me, I've some hunting to do. ::a spread of wings and he's away after his prey::

Cadell's Stats
Name: Cadell
Gender: Male
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Horns: S, n*
Tail: Dr1, dr2
Feet: P*, P
Spikes: N, y*
Coat: S*, b
Mutation: N, M
Species: Fliot
Origin: Fliot Adoptions

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