*Here is where an unicorn from the land of Tyralchia
calls home. There is much room for it and any others
and it is close to the others who live in this Glade.*
The fox walks over to a white unicorn young adult.

~Well hello traveler. My name is Jasia, very pretty.
Well, don't you think I'm one of the most beautiful
unicorns that you've ever seen before, hmmm?~


^And what do you think of me, dear visitor?^
Suprised you turn to see a handsome blue alicorn
gliding down nearby you. He looks at you and nods.


^I am Jalik. Do you like my earring and beads?
Thele had to search this realm to take me home.
Perhaps you'd like to try? No? Anything else then?^

You begin to shake your head when you notice a a red egg
with gold highlights lying in a small hollow nearby.


^That is a pegasus egg that arrived from the Butterfly
. We do not know what it's gender will be until
it hatches. Till then we will have to wait for then.^

The mijado and nuriep have moved to the Midnight Desert.